LGBTQ+ Becoming Illegal at Schools

Kaylene Starks

The latest controversy of the “Don’t Say Gaybill made an impact on Florida and the country aiming to limit queer topics in classrooms disscusions and in general inclusion of queerness. Governor Ron DeSantis has appeared to speak on behalf of the bill impling he was keen to supporting the idea. He never directly said he will sign this bill if offered to him but he makes statements as if he wasn’t opposed to it. More than 250 of these bills were introduced and at minimum 17 were enacted into law, concerning even the people of California. 

The point of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill is to enforce school districts to not encourage or engage with disscussions about sexual orientation or gender identfication in elementry schools. “In a manner that is not age-appropriate.” People are starting to say this bill is trying to make LGBTQ+ history hypothetical to students, disallowing teachers to give advice and teachings to students who are questioning. Gov.DeSantis announced at a press conference that it was “entirely inappropriate” for teachers and school administrators to discuss those topics of gender identity due to schools saying,“Don’t worry, don’t pick your gender yet.” This information was given from CNN news in an article called “Florida Gov.Ron DeSantis signals support for ‘Don’t Say Gay’bill’’.

“This is honestly really stupid because some kid’s parents don’t support gays and they need support from someone and their teacher might be the only person besides family they can turn to,” said freshman Ariel Campos.

If this bill does become mandatory in school institutions, parents will have the right to sue schools or teachers discussing these topics. Leaving students who are already struggling with bullying due to their sexuality or gender even more vulnerable to violence. 

This concern involved Joe Biden, the President of America, in a recent tweet saying, “I want every member of the LGBTQ+ community-especially the kids who will be impacted by this hateful bill-to know that you are loved and accepted just as you are. I have your back, and my administration will continue to fight the protections and safety you deserve.”  

A community of people think this bill is concerning children’s mental and physical health and can alter suicide and self harm rates at a vast number due to having no one to consult to. It is estimated that at least one LGBTQ+ member attempts suicide every 45 seconds in the US. So a lot have thought about it even before the bill was announced.This information was given by “The Trevor Project,” a non profitable organization that focuses on suicide prevention amongst queer youth. 

The “Don’t Say Gay” bill can affect students’ learning abilities and even being on campus. Even so others believe that students shouldn’t contact teachers but instead only discuss sexuallity with their guardians and family members, reinforcing that parents have the right to make decisions about the upbringing of their own children. 

Students and even adults are protesting demanding this bill to not be enacted into law. Holding up signs and chanting “we say gay.” This protest overtook schools and even the White House. People are stating that if this bill does become enforced into law it will be officially enacted in July. That means if any kid confides their sexuality to a teacher, that instructor will have to out them to their parents for being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. On the other hand this bill will disallow using the term “gay” as a threat or to make fun of a fellow student. 

 This controversial bill has been overtaking many platforms, even making a statement on TikTok. Civilians are even making speeches of their opinions.

“Isn’t this the free country, the free world, the freedom of speech, well this goes against freedom of speech. You can not sit here and say being gay is not a choice when your not gay! You’re making it harder for children to feel comfortable because conservative parents say it’s not okay,” said famous TikToker @Bryanthediamond. 

The “Don’t Say Gay” bill is making individuals concerned about the passing of this bill, and what might happen to those kids if it were to be enacted into law.