Thank You, Custodians!

Kaylie Lopez

Thanks to our custodians our school is clean. North is constantly uncared for at times by students as they don’t throw their trash away. After lunch, there is trash left behind on every possible surface you can imagine. The tables, benches, grass, floor, and even the water fountains. With about 2300 students attending North, our campus requires help to stay clean. However, no challenge is too big for our custodians. Here are two custodians that have been with North and the RUSD District for over 25 years. 

Francisco Henrique has been with RUSD for a total of 31 years and has been at North for 15 years. He makes sure the grounds are kept clean and any damage or vandalism is repaired. What he loves about his job are the kids and staff that help each other out. He loves making a positive impact on students’ lives and seeing them graduate. His advice for students is to enjoy the free education they receive here at North and to respect their teachers. 

“Enjoy your time here at high school because once you go out into the real world there will be something different. We have a lot of good teachers, we don’t want to lose them. Be more respectful of our peers, teachers, and support staff.”

Robert Attical has been at North for 28 years. What he loves about his job is being around the administration, the students, and sports. He enjoys his job and staff. His advice for students is to respect what they have. 

“Well for the high school students to have more pride in their school. I mean, we provide trash cans, we provide everything that will allow them to throw their trash away to keep our campus clean. Practice what you do at home and bring it to your school.”

It’s important to take care of the things that are provided to you. A lot of students would rather be anywhere else than school but it’s the memories we make here that stay with us. Respect the school and when you have lunch next time take those two steps to the trash and throw your food away.