The One Acts

Kaylene Starks

Image by Parker Ortiz

The One Acts show that premiered here at John W. North High School was composed of short stories written and directed by our fellow IB Theater students. These IB Theater students write their own scripts to present to the entire school. The One Acts were performed on January 20, 21, and 22, and were intriguing to watch. The One Acts show consisted of 4 featured performances and a stage from Comedy Sportz which varied show-to-show depending on the choices from the audience.

The first One Act that was shown was “Strike One” by Nicolaas Degrood. His One Act was referencing Wii Bowling and the main aspect was two siblings, Andrew and Emma, who were played by Bibinaz Nami and Ellen Myung. They had decided to play Wii bowling and literally got sucked into the game. The only way for them to return back was to defeat their opponents, which happened to be their own parents, Susan and Mike, played by Samantha Esparza and Jia Sergeant.In the end, Andrew and Emma won, but still didn’t make it back home, leaving the audience not knowing who their next opponents may be. This act was a great way to get into the mood because of the comedy.

The second One Act took a different route and could be labeled as horror. It was an audience favorite named “The Women in White” written by Nianna Peoples, Kayla Madrid, and directed by Ryan Veronick. The plot of the story consists of a group of teens who snuck into a graveyard with an Ouiji board but it got seriously out of hand with the ending question, “Who is going to die tonight?” the board replied, “Everyone” and suddenly, a woman in white appeared and went on a massacre. She picked off everyone, one by one, leaving no one behind as she murdered them all. This One act was very different than the first but it didn’t disappoint and was very interesting to watch.

“The woman in white was my favorite because they woke up from the dead,” commented Shiloh Castilo, a freshman.

The third One Act was a short film titled “Thea Blood that Binds Us”. This film was about ninjas, but unfortunately, the film was not ready to be shown at the first show on Friday, but it made it into Saturday’s show. The short film was about two siblings that form a deep bond, but the underlying theme of tragedy leads them on separate paths of vengeance. Inevitably, they cross paths again, fighting with intensity, vengeance in their minds. Only one will continue their story in the end. The action was really good and balanced well with the rest.

The fourth and final One Act was called “Heart to Heart to Heart” written and directed by Olivia Hara & Kihara Bracamonte. This One Act was about a husband Brett, his wife Alex, Lilia Tomof, and her best friend Charlie. (Iris Highman) It was very evident that Charlie disliked Brett from the very beginning. Later on in the scene, an accident happened. This left only Brett and Charlie by themselves. Near the end of the act, we find that Charlie had feelings for Alex throughout their friendship, and is jealous of the relationship Alex and Brett have. They proceed to have a deep conversation and work things out, completing The One Acts!  This act was a great way to end the act because it left the crowd in a positive mood.

 Overall, the One Acts were satisfactory, and the majority of the audience had positive opinions, including 11th grader Jaee Jones who said, “Everything was spot on one hundred percent, They did really good and the improv was also really funny.”