KFC Goes Vegan

Daniel Cardenas

KFC Beyond Friend Chicken made of plant based substances – vox.com

KFC launched their Beyond Fried Chicken option in 2019 in South America. The Beyond Fried Chicken is made with soybeans and wheat proteins and is fried with the same oil as their chicken. With Beyond Meat and KFC expanding the vegan option to North America and the fast food chain, they started to launch it in Northern California to gain further popularity by expanding their advertisement all over. People are looking into eating healthier, for example people are eating vegan burgers rather than getting one at a fast food restaurant.

The New KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken starts at $6.99 and you can purchase it with the standard amount of six or twelve pieces, or have the option of converting it into a combo. The KFC beyond chicken is healthier for anyone who wants to eat healthy and still eat at a fast food chain while also being affordable and cheaper than most of the food at KFC.

The option of having a plant based product while it still resembles the appearance of real meat has so far become the trend with many people and has been gaining popularity. Many people around the world are enjoying this new addition to the KFC menu as it can be a new alternative meat. A new way to have a diet while eating away from home while looking like you’re eating normal food at KFC.

“It is good for the restaurant because it’s more flexible for people who don’t like eating meat. I personally like meat, [but] I think it’s a better option for people who don’t eat meat. ” said junior Rylan Smith. 

People who enjoy meat believe it’s a good choice, showing how flexible KFC is. Even with KFC’s Beyond Fried Chicken, the company was always known to be a meat industry and now adding a new alternative menu seems a little odd. The KFC Beyond Meat seems to be staying on the menu permanently.

It would be great to see KFC expand more into their menu since it could prove better for the company as a whole and adding more variety of vegan products could prove to be a new best selling point.