Curd is the Word


Ethan Chun, Holly Cline, and Claire Hong

Cheese is a dairy product created by milk. Cheese starts off as processed milk and begins to ferment with added cultures to the milk. Adding rennet to the fermenting milk curdles the milk and forms curds. The curd is then processed by being stirred, cooked, and washed to acidify it. Once the whey is drained, you get cheese. The many different types of cheese begin similarly but then become differentiated through the process of salting, shaping, and aging developing unique tastes for each type of cheese. For example, blue cheese is aged longer to form mold to create its taste. So what is the general consensus for the Huskies’ favorite type of cheese? 

Over the past week, we asked teachers to post a Google Form titled “Curd is the Word” on their Google Classroom to have students submit their responses. We received 95 responses from students picking their favorite cheese off the options given. There were 21 different cheese options, those being parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella, American, feta, blue, gouda, swiss, provolone, Monterey jack, asiago, Colby jack, cottage cheese, cream cheese, gruyere, ricotta, pepper jack, string cheese, camembert, brie, and Babybell.

Out of the 95 responses, the school’s third favorite cheese was parmesan, swiss, and cream cheese. A three-way tie for third place with each cheese getting 7 votes. The school’s second favorite cheese was pepper jack with 8 votes. The school’s most favorite cheese was mozzarella with 24 responses, three times the amount of votes than the runner-up selective. 

So, there it is Huskies, the curd is the word, especially when it comes to mozzarella.