Lady Huskies Tennis Season

Ethan Chun

After a long season of playing, girl’s tennis concludes. The 2021-2022 season finished with an overall record of 16 wins to 5 losses with a flawless league performance going 7 wins to 0 losses. The girl’s tennis team’s 7 wins in their league championship qualified them for CIF. 

“When I first started playing I was really nervous because it was the first time I’d be playing a sport for an actual team, but the team’s energy made me very excited to play our games. I think our team did really well despite having a year off from covid. We were undefeated in league and moved on to CIF, but sadly didn’t make it through for the next round,” said sophomore Karyssa Ngyuen. 

The girl’s tennis team had been working hard throughout the season, starting practice during the summer. Once school started, the Lady Huskies began to play non-league games against other schools to scrimmage. The tennis team played and won their first game against Norco on August 25 and continued to host 8 more home games and win 5. They were also visitors to 12 different schools, winning 10 games. The Lady Huskies fought hard and were able to earn 16 well deserved wins. 

The Sunbelt League Championship then began for the tennis team on September 21, 2021 as they played Canyon Springs. The following games played were similar to their first league game. The Lady Huskies steamrolled teams for a flawless league championship record. 

Having successfully played 7-0 in championship games, the Lady Huskies qualified to participate in CIF. Unfortunately, the team was unable to advance into the next round and were knocked out of CIF. “This year the whole team did really well in League, being undefeated, and all of the players were able to improve. This year was not without its struggles, as although we all worked hard, we were not able to get as far in CIF as we had hoped. The season was not without its difficult opponents and frustrations,” said sophomore Ellen Myung.

“I am really excited for next season. Now that I know how the season works and what goes into it, I think I’ll be more mentally ready for next season. I also enjoy playing tennis. The game itself is really fun but it’s also the people and environment that makes it enjoyable. Besides doing drills, there is always a person next to you helping you and supporting you with whatever you need whether it has to do with tennis or something else,” said freshman Dinora Moreno. 

Even though the girl’s tennis team’s season has concluded, the players are already prepared for next season. The Lady Huskies are ready for next year’s season to advance even further into CIF.