The Production of “She Kills Monsters”

Kaylene Starks

She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen, debuted on November 4th and ran until November 6th. After a year of quarantine and not having the luxury of drama, She Kills Monsters’ was a perfect way to start high school theater back off again.
The play was about a girl named Agnes, played by Alexis Sharp, who went through a Dungeons and Dragons game to recover her sister Tilly’s (Olivia Hara) soul. This journey started after Tilly’s tragic death in a violent car crash. The game was the only way Agnes got to really know her sister.
She Kills Monsters was packed with action, tragedy, comedy, and even surprised us with queer storylines, like Tilly’s love affair with Lilith aka Jessly Gonzalez. “My favorite part is when she (Tilly) came out (as lesbian) by the fire.” said freshman, Nuhin Huq.
Throughout the course of the play, Agnes learned why Tilly had a fascination with learning dark magic, but then panicked when Lilith died in the game. This caused Agnes to quit her quest, because she felt depressed remembering her sister had died in real life. She soon returned, however, when she met Tilly’s group in real life, realizing the game was the only way they could be what they imagined themselves to be.
“My favorite part of the play would have to be the building of relationships because having to go through freshman year in quarantine I had no friends and doing the play I made a lot of new friends and strong relationships with cast members.“ said sophomore, Erikan Ibek, who played the narrator. The Storyline of the play was really good, and many people enjoyed it.
One such fan was Zoe Borja, “I think it’s kinda interesting because she defeated the stereotype that the main character who’s supposed to be this self obsessed girl showed she isn’t just that.” Even though the play overall exceeded almost everyone’s expectations there were technical difficulties that needed revision. There were numerous times the microphones blew out while the actors were speaking, making it troublesome to hear them. Not to mention the part where Tilly had announced Agnes’s boyfriend touched her. Even though this was meant to be a joke, it indeed offended some of the viewers and they didn’t take it too lightly.
“My favorite part was probably when Agnes kicked her boyfriend in the balls saying, “You’re a footballer, I’ll show you a football.” said freshman Nabia Huq.
Through the course of the play, Agnes the Assheaded fought the Water, Earth, Fire, and Air Dragons to return the soul of her sister. She was successful in her journey but she had to say goodbye to her sister forever, ending the first play of the school year in a delightfully bittersweet way.