The First Home Football Game

Ethan Chun

On August 26, the John W. North Huskies had their first home football game against the Long Beach Jordan Panthers. It was a crushing 34-6 victory to the Huskies. With COVID-19 regulations relaxing, the school allowed outside visitors to spectate the game for the first time in a while. The audience was roaring with excitement and anticipation as they cheered the Huskies on.


“It was really nice after two years to come out and have a full capacity of fans, cheers, and the Color-guard. To be honest, coming from a player, games without those [is] a whole nother atmosphere. It just really pumps you up,” said junior Manuel Ramierez.

The game started with Long Beach scoring a touchdown against the Huskies. With the ball in the middle and in the hands of the Huskies, they conquered the field and scored their first touchdown. In addition, the Huskies scored on their extra point attempt, allowing North to lead 7-6. After the second touchdown, the ball was in the possession of Long Beach but was turned over to North, allowing them to score another touchdown and extra point. North extended their lead to 14 while Long Beach was at 6. By the end of the first half, North leads 21-6. The second half started with another touchdown to the Huskies and they began to run off with their lead. The game ended after the Huskies scored another touchdown, making the concluding score 34-6 in a dominating Husky victory.

“We need work because that wasn’t the best team that we’re gonna see. There were a lot of mistakes that we had going against them. [But] I’m very excited. I feel like this team is going to do good so it makes me even more excited every time I think about it,” said senior Ahson Elliot.

After eight weeks of returning to school, the football team has gone undefeated having a score of 5-0.