Co-ed golf team

Due to COVID, the John W. North girls golf team was unable to have their usual season in the fall. As the county moved to better tiers, restrictions of schools and sports improved which gave a chance for the girls to get back their season. Since the boys team has their usual season in the spring, the girls joined them on the golf course. The golf team is practicing and competing as co-ed which has never been done before. 

Competing as a co-ed team brings many questions to mind when considering the fairness of the game. Depending on the number of players on the North team and the opposing team, different terms of play are determined. The girls and boys team would compete separately if the opposing team meets a similar setup of teams. Oftentimes other schools do not have a girls or boys team meaning only one group would compete that day. 

“Playing golf this year was definitely fun and I wouldn’t trade my time to play any other sport. Given that this was my first year playing, I can’t compare it to last season when the sport wasn’t co-ed. However, I can say that I really enjoyed playing with everyone and couldn’t imagine playing a season without everyone on the team,” said senior AJ Horspool. 


The team’s final match is against Lakeside at the Summerly Links Golf Course. During the season, North has competed against Notre Dame, Valley View, Temescal Canyon, Heritage, and a few others. The girls finished their season with a winning record of 5-4. The boys ended with a record of 4-7 but will strive to win in the next season. League finals are being held May 17 at the North home course, Canyon Crest Country Club. Sophomores Kyle Denison, Joey Vargas, and senior Eddie Lopez are attending and will play the full course of 18 holes.