Take it all in

They sing of bright flowers, of sunshine, of glee,

But sour their smiles when they turn to me.

They fear they’ve offended,

That I’d be filled with sharp spite,

Thus they must’ve never comprehended,

All that lies beyond sight.


Though the pink tulips may not gleam in the rays,

A great deal more fills the spring days.

I still hear the trickles of the babbling brook,

And feel the scornful stings of bumbling bees.

I still enjoy the labors of a bodacious cook,

And smell the sweet perfume of towering trees.


To live through one sense is to nullify all others.

Choose to use each, for not all can have such druthers.

Each passing moment is a chance to enjoy,

Something unlike all else that has been.

So quiet your mind, steady your heart,

And take it all in.