School sports during the pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, many athletes have had to face countless struggles regarding their ability to participate in athletic events, given the regulations and new rules that have been put in place. Here are some quotes from Huskies giving their piece on participating in athletics during this time. 


“It has been bad with everything being put on hold or either cancelled in the beginning.  Now there are many restrictions as to how many people can be in one place like the dugouts or stands. Overall how we practice has been affected,” said sophomore Gabriela Blanco. 


“Definitely been a setback but the cheer team still has a lot of learning and growing together. By starting off in small groups, transitioning into practicing together was a big change that has brought us all together, making being captain a fun experience. Still having limits and having to social distance, I feel like we will be ready to cheer at games and events when the time comes,”  said junior Sara Edwards. 


“A negative has been us having less time to practice and that’s definitely not good with the season coming up. For soccer we don’t wear our masks when we are on the field playing. Our coach only has us wear a mask whenever we are on the bench or putting our cleats on. Other than that I still talk to my teammates and have fun during our sessions,” said senior Jerry Chan.