Taylor Swift’s re-recording


Gabriela Cruz, A&E Staffer

On February 11, 2021 Taylor Swift dropped a re-recorded version of one of her hit songs, “Love Story”, with an announcement that the rest of the “Fearless” album plus six bonus songs would follow. A new lyric video was released along with the new recording which included photos from her old shows and memories with fans from her “Fearless” days. 

“Love Story” was originally released in 2008 under her Big Machine label when Swift was only 18 years old. When “Love Story” was originally released back in 2008, it reached No. 4 on Billboard charts. The new version sounds extremely similar to the original with only one major difference in the maturity of the vocals. As the original version was released 13 years ago, Swift’s voice has changed and matured significantly. The reasons behind her recent re-recordings are due to her fight to own the rights to her own music. When she was 15 she signed a deal with Big Machine Records and it ended three years ago in 2018. After that she signed a new record deal with Universal Music Group which made her the owner of her new albums moving forward. Her original masters were bought by Scooter Braun in a $300 million deal in 2019. 

This past year Taylor Swift released “Folklore” her 8th studio album and “Evermore” her 9th studio album which both topped the Billboard charts. And now the “Fearless” re-recordings are coming later this year on April 9th. “Love Story” (Taylor’s Version) was No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart, No. 11 on Billboard Hot 100 and No. 7 on the Billboard Global 200 charts. 

“I am very surprised about it and the upcoming release of the re-recording of her old songs. I especially like ‘Love Story’ because it is one that brings back memories of country times and when I was younger. Now she has more experience and knows how she really wants to sing it [in] her way,” said sophomore Bridget Bradbury.

Along with “Fearless”, Taylor will be able to re-record her debut album, “Speak Now”, as well as “Red”, “1989” and “Reputation”. As of November 2020 she was allowed to start the process of re-recording her first five albums. During the American Music Awards (AMA), she confirmed that she had started the process of re-recording her old albums. When she won the Artist of the Year at the AMAs she accepted the award from the studio where she had originally recorded some of her old music. The re-recorded versions (Taylor’s Version) of songs from “Fearless” and future re-recorded albums will chart separately from when they were first released. In addition to this, the new re-recordings of her old songs will be eligible for Grammys in the future. 

“I personally think that the second one is greater than the first solely for the reasoning behind it. I feel like it makes it very sentimental and personal. I support her all the way in that fight and love how she’s making the effort to own her music. It would only make sense,” said sophomore Eshal Naqvi. 

Taylor Swift’s new “Love Story”, brings back many memories of the original with a music video of memories with fans, however now with her vocals and career stronger than ever, she will make new memories and break new records with her fans who have always stood by her side.