Angelica’s Column – My experience with Covid-19

My day started out like any other, I woke up ten minutes before class and did my online schooling. Later that day, my family and I were spending quality time together when my mother received a call and left the room to answer it. Suddenly, I’m called into the room my mother is in and she says to me, “Your aunt has tested positive Covid-19.”
Panic. This was huge because we had just spent the following weekend at my aunt’s house, she was sneezing but insisted it had just been allergies. My mother and I found ourselves trying to find out where and how to get tested. Finally, we found where to make an appointment (For more information on where to get tested click here .After scheduling an appointment, I suddenly began to cough and worry began to settle in. The entire time before I was waiting to get tested, I thought about every single interaction I made with my aunt during that weekend.
Denial. I truly believed that I would not test positive. If anything, it was my mother who hugged her that would test positive. After taking the test, which was a cheek swab, my cough progressively worsened and my throat began to hurt but I still thought I was okay. I had believed that it was just me overreacting and making myself feel sick. However just to be safe I stayed in my room and watched TV the whole night. Waiting. The next morning I immediately checked my phone to see if my results were sent but nothing. It had only been one night and I was already tired of being shut inside a room. I wanted the results to confirm that I didn’t have to be in there anymore. Two hours later, the results were in. I was positive for Covid-19.
Symptoms. Now it wasn’t until after I saw my results that I suddenly started to get sicker and sicker. A cough turned into a sore throat and a stuffy nose turned into the complete loss of smell and taste. Losing my sense of smell and taste freaked me out the most so to test my loss of smell I used Vicks Vapor Rub. I put it all over my nose and hoped I could smell it but I couldn’t. When I thought I had finally gone through the worst of it, I began to get these horrible body pains in the middle of the night. I felt very alone through this whole process. My mom could not come and give me the comfort she does when I have the flu or some other sickness. Instead, I was in a room all alone which made my experience feel like forever.
Recovery. After a week after getting my symptoms, the body pains stopped and my sore throat felt as good as new! Unfortunately, the lack of smell and taste persisted for a while. Finally, I tried the “burning an orange” trend on TikTok (More about it here). After eating this burnt orange with brown sugar, I waited a few hours but eventually fully got all of my taste back. I have never been more grateful to have my taste buds. I, fortunately, didn’t have one of those super crazy and scary Covid-19 experiences but contracting the virus really does open one’s eyes.
I’m young and healthy and I was able to fight off this virus but I can’t stop thinking about those who aren’t. That’s why it is important to wear your mask when you’re out and when you’re feeling sick, stay home and get tested. I truly never believed that I would get sick with Covid-19 but I did and it has definitely changed my way of living and thinking.