Where Beauty Lies

Some might say ‘tis in your radiant eyes,
Yet he is ensnared by what writhes behind.
O cascading hair! O paralyzing smile! His eager heart cries,
But what a labyrinth must be your mind.
The desperate romantic yearns for your embrace,
But is wholly content without your outward grace.

Dreams fill his waking mind with your every breath.
Admiration leaves no room for courage.
For you, he would brave the filth of Hell,
Slay all demons but his own.
Of his grand obsession he’d never tell,
His purest truth never to be shown.

Despite odds astronomical, so came the day,
Ecstasy! Elation! Empty no more!
Uttering sweet serenade he never thought you’d say,
O Quivering knees! O Head of clouds! O fluttering core!
Divinity unparalleled begs the principal question,
Could he ever explain that which defies expression?

With praise aplenty, you he’d surely smother,
No length too great to worship his joy,
O Shattered spirit! O Bottomless woes! O terrible ploy!
He weeps as beauty lies with another.

Crippling devastation and turbulent revelation,
‘Tis not in breathtaking smile or glimmering eye
‘Tis to his face that beauty doth lie
And so ‘tis not a question of where
But why