The Word “Love”

What do you picture when you hear the word love?
Think about it. Don’t tell me yet. Have you got it?
Just hold that thought. Let me guess.
Now, let’s see…Was it flowers? No, no.. Was it chocolate?
How about long letters? Hugs?
Did the image of two souls dancing come to mind?
Was it music?
Maybe kisses? Maybe laughter? Maybe smiles?
Oh, I bet it was their smile.
Was it their eyes? Or their voice? Was it the way their nose crinkles when they’re suppressing a grin?
Yeah, same here.
Except… that’s not all I thought of.
See love to me is wonderful, but it’s messy.
Love to me is not giving up when it’s hard.
Love to me is having a fight and then talking it out.
It’s dealing with the tiredness, it’s dealing with the doubt.
Love holds you when your head is loud and tells you what is true.
Even when it’s uncomfortable, Love cares about you.
Love is more than the joy filled, perfect days that feel like a dream.
Love is staying on the imperfect days, unwavering throughout the good, bad, and in between.
Now you might think I’m crazy, and I admit that I’m young.
But to me Love is so breathtakingly beautiful because of all it’s overcome.