Justin’s Yurkle: Self Care

Taking care of yourself is extremely important. During the lockdown, many people are going through tough times and have increased struggles in their lives. This added stress is definitely not easy to handle and process especially since we don’t know when it will all be over. Some of us won’t  have the full high school experience, we won’t be able to see our friends, and we might miss out on so many memories that we would have had if everything were normal. But there’s really nothing we can do but persevere, even though quarantine has often been boring and frustrating.

Over quarantine, I’ve noticed that I’ve become increasingly lazy and unmotivated. Maybe it’s a result of the seemingly unlimited time or the removal of the burden of responsibility that’s so abundant in the real world. Either way, I’ve found my days to consist of mainly sitting around on my phone, watching Netflix or YouTube, and playing video games with my friends. Honestly, I reached the point where I  just felt kind of disappointed and tired of the constant state of melancholy that had monopolized my life, so I wanted to start working out more.

I hadn’t completely neglected my body over quarantine, but I wasn’t exactly laser focused on exercise. I would work out for a week, and the next week, I’d find myself drifting back off into the meaningless void of laziness. I was getting tired of this, so I decided that I would start getting back into exercising. I didn’t do anything crazy, just a couple of pushups and situps, maybe a run every now and then but after a couple of weeks, I began to feel a major difference. Not only was my body feeling a lot better and I was getting more consistent and better quality sleep but my mind was also feeling a lot better. I don’t know if it was the illusion of productivity that gave my mind a boost or just having something else to do besides getting stuck in a virtual world, but I was just in a better mood overall.

Working out is extremely important and can improve both your physical and mental health. A workout doesn’t need to be something super intense or tiring, just a light jog or a dedicated time of around 20 minutes should be enough to start making you feel refreshed and healthy. You’ll still have time for other things that you enjoy even if you integrate a small workout into your daily routine, and you get so much more out of it than you put in. It’s a little difficult at first to break the habit of just lounging around doing nothing, but after a week or so, you should start to get used to it.