5 ways to find the perfect gift online


Artwork by Samantha Esparza

We are now in the season of giving and many of us are scrambling to find the perfect gift. However, there is now one main worry: our health. As the flu season starts and Covid-19 continues to grow, it’s best we all try and find our gifts online. Here are a few tips that can help you find that special gift from the safety of your own home! 

Follow the algorithms

Most times when you search for a particular product, it will pop up as an advertisement on different applications. Sometimes it can get annoying but it can also be a big help in deciding what you should buy. You might see that a friend or a sibling liked a post on Instagram about a video game or a pair of sneakers. This can be something that they may like or want, making it the perfect opportunity for you to surprise them with something sweet and unexpected.

Take a look on Etsy 

Etsy is a perfect website to find personal handmade gifts! This online market is super safe and even has over 1 million sellers. Shopping on Etsy makes it easy to find the perfect personalized gift for your loved ones and every item is sold at a great price. So if you’re looking for that custom backpack or even a personalized blanket, Etsy will be sure to have it. Maybe you want a baseball bat made into a cup, well Etsy has that too! Etsy is not only a great place for crafters to find their outlet but it is also a great place for all the Christmas shoppers who may be struggling to find a unique present.

Look through your mail

If you ever go through what many consider to be “junk mail” you will find that there can be lots of good advertisements and catalogs. When the holidays roll around, you will find that stores and companies have many digital sales and deals that they promote through the mail. Good deals tend to sell out fast though so if you are looking for that deal-breaker gift, try to do your online shopping ahead of time. 

Get advice from someone 

When conversing with someone you may find them telling you where they got their new hoodie or maybe even where they got their cool phone case. Talking to others about their new merchandise can be a huge help in finding gifts online. They may have favorite stores and online websites that you may not know about. 

Try Groupon or Goldstar 

Groupon and GoldStar are two amazing websites that help you find many deals on gifts. If you’re stuck on what to look for try going to the deal of the day tab; there are always deals on jewelry, toys and clothes. If you can name it, they’ve got it. The best part is you can now even buy virtual classes, such as cooking, dancing, yoga and many more!