My plea

Angelica’s Column

Dear Freshman, 

I write this letter to you because I wish this would have been done for me. I know we are already approaching the second semester of your first year in high school, but it is never too late to hear advice on how to get through high school. 

I am currently a graduating senior and I’ve been spending these last two years making up for the mistakes I made while I was caught up in the jumble of high school. I was very excited to enter high school because I thought it would be just like the movies. Unfortunately, the school I was entering was a charter school that was also half homeschool. We only went to school a few times a week and we had to be in charge of our own learning; the teachers were just there to give lessons if we needed it. The school was so small that we couldn’t even have any sports teams. In all honesty, it was pretty boring. To make the school days go by faster, I would spend that time goofing off with my friends and my grades weren’t the first thing on my mind. As the second semester came around I even stopped showing up to my Spanish class completely. 

I entered my sophomore year but this time at John W. North. I again just focused on friends and I gave up on the classes that were “too hard.” However, I did have three very impactful teachers. Despite my never showing up to my Spanish 1 class the year prior, I was still put into Spanish 2. My teacher, the recently retired Hugo Agiurre, made the lessons so fun that I genuinely wanted to try and so I did. In this class I felt as if he wasn’t just teaching to get a paycheck, he taught as if he genuinely loved teaching. Then there was my history teacher, Marc Gonzalez. He made me realize the competitive side of school. Suddenly I wanted to be the best student in his class. Lastly, my literature teacher, Priscilla Martinez. She had one of the biggest impacts on me. Mrs. Martinez was always straightforward with the class and every time I would turn in an assignment I would always get some kind of feedback whether positive or negative. To me, this was her way of showing that she cared so much about us students. We would also have class discussions which encouraged me to read books and complete assignments. This is the time that I fell in love with literature class. Unfortunately, it took me until my second semester to finally realize all of this. One day my counselor showed me my transcript and it was horrible. My grade point average (GPA) was so low and I even had to retake a class. In order to get my GPA to improve, I needed to get all A’s so I put myself to work. Junior year suddenly approached; this was the year I was going to get all my grades in order so I did all I could to stay on top of my classes. I spent many hours of my free time studying and reviewing material in order to obtain A’s but the work didn’t stop there. I had to retake a class during summer school and that was even harder due to my lack of motivation but I knew I needed to improve my GPA.

As a senior, I am still working to increase my GPA. My grades cannot drop below B’s and as a senior, it’s been tough having that pressure along with the pressure of college applications. Many seniors say that this year is a breeze but that isn’t the case for me; this has been the most stressful year so far. 

So Freshmen I am pleading with you, find your motivation and find those teachers who help you see the beauty in learning. Build friendships but don’t let them get in the way of your studies. Despite the isolation of being behind a computer, remember that high school is more than just that. I know that all our Husky staff members are trying their hardest to create engaging events for your class! Keep your head up and remember to have fun but don’t let your grades fall as a result.

Your Friend, 

Angelica Soriano