10 clubs making a difference

There are many different clubs and organizations that are offered by John W. North. All of these clubs and organizations are fun ways to expand your knowledge whether it’s in religion, style or even culture. These clubs give students opportunities to gain new life experiences and lifelong skills. Here are just a few of the many clubs that John W. North has to offer:


Artwork by Samantha Esparza

M.E.Ch.A stands for “Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán.” This is one of the bigger clubs at North and it is a group that acknowledges the contributions and positive aspects of the Chicano culture while promoting educational opportunities for all students. M.E.Ch.A allows for the students to embrace their heritage and they even put on school events to raise the community of the Chicano culture. 

This is a theater group that focuses on the art of comedy as well as building long-lasting friendships. Students get opportunities to show their comedy skills on stage as well as competing with other schools. This club is a creative outlet for Huskies; they even hold events for the community to come together and forget their troubles. 


OPEN is a club that helps and promotes the tolerance of students of all orientations. It is also known as the Gay-Straight alliance club and all students are welcome to join. OPEN helps the community by allowing Huskies to feel safe enough to be their true selves. By raising awareness on issues within the LGBTQ+ community, OPEN allows students to learn to accept others with open arms, regardless of their orientation. 


Members of the Compassionate Earthlings club strive to educate students on sustainable and simple ways to protect the environment. Through educating students, they hope to make sustainable living much easier and accessible for all people. Some tips they have when it comes to making a difference consist of going vegan or cutting back on meat consumption, purchasing second hand clothing, and even unplugging electronic devices that are not being used. They stress that simple things like the things listed are all it takes to make a positive impact on the environment.


Multicultural Council focuses on learning and representing different cultures as well as educating students about these cultures and issues that are happening now. They emphasize the importance of diversity by dedicating certain weeks to learning about and appreciating different cultures. This council’s main goal is to advocate for students who feel as if they do not have a voice, as they want to ensure that everyone’s voices are heard. 


The Black Student Union is all about unity and solidarity on campus and in the community which gives students who are misjudged and misunderstood the chance to speak up and be heard. This club is pushing for the youth, especially minorities, to speak up about the importance of voting rights and the issues that affect the environment around them.  


This club is dedicated to fostering friendships between disabled students and their non-disabled peers. Joining this club is a great opportunity to explore new friendships between people with disadvantages. Some disadvantages that these students may face are accessibility to proper learning tools and oftentimes discrimination. Best Buddies highlights that it is important as students to come together and accept one another and being apart of this club allows students to break the cycle of discrimination that these disabled students often face. 


Red Cross promotes tragedy awareness and advocates for proper and safe procedures. They also help prepare for John W. North’s annual Red Cross week. Red Cross members work hard to not only educate their peers but also to find students who are willing to donate blood which could, later on, save lives. Every year there is usually a blood drive on campus sponsored by the Red Cross club.


HERd is a brand new club on campus that is dedicated towards advocating for female empowerment and equality among genders. It is their number one goal to make all members and others on campus feel accepted and safe above all else. They plan to provide resources to young women and other students on campus such as phone numbers, emails, and other contacts to call when in a crisis. In the future, they also plan to provide self-defense items and other valuable information. They strive to create a chain of strong gender equality clubs all throughout RUSD, as many schools go without them. HERd also plans to attend protests, rallies and district meetings after the COVID-19 crisis has come to an end. 


Interact is just one of numerous service clubs offered on campus. Interact participates in many events such as the Believe Breast Cancer Walk, Thanksgiving food drives and the annual Rose Parade float building event. As students are helping our community by giving back, they are also acquiring leadership skills, public speaking skills and building strong bonds with one another.