October 30, 2020

I never believed in ghouls, and witches and the Boogeyman. They were always just stories adults told us to get us to do stuff or not to do stuff when we were younger. No, I am too smart to fall for such tricks, but my life really changed after that fateful Halloween night. I was trick and treating as all children do, going around the block with my friends, trying to hit the houses that gave the king sized candy bars. While we were walking by ourselves, we realized that it had gotten pretty late. Everyone was turning off their jack-o-lanterns, and the decorations slowly died as everyone’s spirit moved onto Christmas. Seeing that everyone secured themselves in their home, I felt a little uneasy, so my friends decided to go to one of my friend’s houses, let’s call him Tommy. Tommy’s house was only a couple of blocks away so we started our stroll along the road. 

That’s when a raspy voice called out, “Leave this place, you dumb little punks, you don’t know what lurks in these shadows.” The voice sent chills down my back and looking at Tommy’s face, he felt the same. Our other friend, let’s call him Marcos didn’t even bat an eye, he shot back “Quiet old man, you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this.” That’s when Tommy jumped aboard the freight train of bravery and shot back at the voice too, “Yeah. We can do what we want, I’m almost 18.” Tommy had stuck out his tongue in the direction of the voice, what a way to show how mature you were. 

Although unseen, the voice grumbled and I heard the door close slam behind him. I stood there, trying to find which house was the one that spoke to us, which door warned us of what dangers we would be in, but as I turned around I saw that both Tommy and Marcos had left. No, not left, disappeared. They were gone without a trace, I searched frantically, going on the street to see if they had just raced down the street, but it was empty. At the moment, despite the drowning amount of fear I found myself in, I kept walking toward Tommy’s house. I was hoping that they hid in some bushes and would jump out to scare me and we would all laugh it off. So I walked, and walked, and walked, but nothing. No jumping out from behind a car, no loud shout, no footsteps, no snickers from boys trying to keep themselves from laughing at the anticipation of the prank. Nothing. I saw Tommy’s house from a distance and decided to try to go inside and see if they had just gone in. I didn’t expect to find them but I didn’t allow my mind to think of the other possibilities. 

As I walked up the driveway, I did one final check behind to see if they were there and when I did, I saw a figure carrying a guy. The guy seemed to have been unconscious. The body was limp and the figure seemed to be staring at me. The hairs on my body were on end, and everything in my brain told me to run inside the house and don’t look back, but my body started walking toward the figure. I felt like I was trapped in my body, as if I was being driven to prison and all I could do is stare on into the unknown future. I didn’t realize what was in front of me until I was a couple feet away, and when I saw the scene, my body convulsed and my stomach shouted. It was Tommy, his neck looked exactly the same, except for those two dark burrows. Tommy looked so peaceful, his face was not screaming, it looked like he was asleep, but I could tell he wasn’t breathing. I felt a cold thumb press onto my face under my eyes. “Here let me clean you up before he gets here.” The voice sounded familiar. I tried to look up to the figure, but my head stayed locked onto Tommy’s corpse, “I know what you’re thinking dumb little punk.” The same raspy voice. “Oh, I think that’s him, King Marcos. The one you wanted,” He had dropped Tommy’s corpse like nothing, as he bowed his head into my view. His nose was large, like the gnomes you see in scary movies, his teeth were pointed like daggers looking for their next meal, stained with their last feast. His hair was unkempt like a mop lusting for messes, spreading each one of its strands to find the tiniest bits of dust. Red orbs gouged out of his head, begging to be freed. His skin was the moonlight, dotted with blood red stars that shone fiercely under the street light. “I have his body locked like this. Should I release him so you can hunt him down?” A familiar voice just spoke, “Quiet old man, You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this.”