Local colleges with in-person classes

October 30, 2020


Photography by Katharine Wilson

Riverside is home to two major universities: California Baptist University (CBU) and The University of California Riverside (UCR). Due to the COVID-19 crisis universities had to transfer to remote learning and allow employees to work from home. However starting this semester some classes have had to move back to an in-person model. 

UCR is taking the return to campus one step at a time. There is reduced student living costs, resources to help students with their classes, resources to support those who need help with necessities and upgraded precautions against the coronavirus. Most classes are entirely virtual and few select courses are available in person at UCR such as labs, performing arts and discussions. UCR has a coronavirus testing lab open and collects samples from those on campus. The students who are currently living on campus are required to get a test before going to their dorm and then they must get tested twice a week as the fall quarter continues. Their testing lab allows them to test everyone much faster and ensure the safety of their students. 

“I have gone on campus several times, including to move out of my apartment, and it felt like a ghost town. With the new school year starting up, I believe there will definitely be an increase of students on campus, as UCR is currently allowing people to live on campus in residential halls and apartments,” said UCR student Zoe Warren. 

UCR and CBU are going back in a series of phases and both are in their second phase. Currently the majority of employees are working from home and most classes have continued virtually. Certain measures like these allow some students to continue living on campus and for student and employee health to be the top priority.  Although attending a university virtually is not the same as being in person, these colleges are doing what they can to make sure students can stay safe.

CBU has implemented many similar health precautions as other schools have. The school does however have an app set up for students to check their symptoms as well as telehealth services. Food delivery is also available to students living on campus as well as virtual interviews and counseling sessions. Students are allowed to live on campus but only a few have in person classes in the form of labs. Athletics are going to start up soon again for the university as they have for a lot of schools, including North. CBU also offers reduced student living  and COVID-19 testing. 

“I think CBU is always diligent in providing help for those that are in need in general. So, yes I think that they are giving help to those who need it. It is always the case that students should be vocal of what they need and I know the staff has been helping in other departments so that students can be served,” said CBU grad student Morgan Carver. 

Both UCR and CBU are taking a variety of measures to make sure everyone on campus can stay healthy. A few of those measures include: testing, getting the flu shot (for employees), face coverings, and extra disinfecting wipes for use.

Although at the moment student living has been reduced, and the vast majority of classes are virtual, students are still hopeful for a gradual back to school process. There is still quite a ways to go for a return to campus, but universities and colleges are doing everything they can to ensure student and employee safety.

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