North’s Football Star: Austin Barry

Among all the student athletes, only the best and most talented are offered scholarships to top universities, and even then, only a small percentage of those are offered a full ride. Those who receive a full ride scholarship are such a promising prospect that universities are willing to pay their tuition in full just to have the athlete compete on their team. One of these students is Austin Barry, a left tackle on the John W. North football team.

Barry was offered full ride scholarships from elite Division I schools across the country, such as UCLA, Berkeley, Penn State University and many others. After careful consideration, Barry chose Arizona State University (ASU), a public school in Tempe, Arizona. ASU has nine men’s varsity teams competing in the National Collegiate Athletic Association for Division I athletics, including Barry’s main sport, football.

“They (Arizona State University) are overlooked because they don’t have the same history as schools such as UCLA. The coaches also seemed like much more of a family; I’m pretty sure I have almost every coach and assistant coach in contact in some way. It’s also closer to home than some other schools but far enough at the same time that I can be independent. They have a lot of guys that have been to the next level and been great at it, like my position coach, Kevin Mawae, who is at the NFL Hall of Fame center. So, being around that NFL ready culture, I think is really going to elevate me and push me to get to that next level,” said Barry.

Overall, I’m ready to get out there and get to work in front of all my past, present, and future supporters and make a name for myself at ASU”

— Senior Austin Barry

Barry is very confident about his decision, and will continue to work hard for his athletic career. North students and staff congratulate him for this massive accomplishment and wish him luck on his future endeavors.