Mourning of senior year

Angelica's Column

October 30, 2020

Senior year: the year that is highly anticipated. The year that is spent hanging out with friends, goofing off during class and going to every dance and every senior event; or so I thought. Instead, I am spending my senior year behind a computer and only seeing my friends and teachers via Google Meets, a small box on a screen. 

When COVID-19 first hit the U.S. during my junior year, I never really thought much about it, but then I received a text from the swim coach that our swim season was canceled and within the next hour the schools were officially closed. Even then I didn’t think it was going to affect our senior year. I probably should’ve taken the lessons I learned from The Great Gatsby more to heart; the moment one fantasizes a dream, it suddenly becomes unattainable. 

Since COVID-19 had the school shut down in March, most of the class of 2020 lost their prom and graduation and because of this many celebrities and colleges have given them many great opportunities. Many times I would hear the class of 2020 mentioned on the radio and the news. The media was constantly giving shoutouts to the graduating seniors. As the new school year began, I still continued to hear about the class of 2020 and I felt as if the class of 2021 wasn’t important anymore and as if we had suddenly become forgotten. As teenagers, senior year is not just a symbol of the end of our adolescence, but it’s also a rite of passages for many as Americans. I think it’s important that people understand that we seniors have lost our whole first half of senior year. We could not experience our last first day of high school and we no longer get to experience the very last homecoming. I want others to understand that we are about to enter the world of adulthood. We are about to decide what we want to do with our futures but how can we when our counselors are still adjusting to doing everything online and are jam-packed with questions from the incoming freshmen who are even more lost than we are? 

Though I may seem to be pessimistic, I am grateful that there is still hope that we can get a graduation at the end of the year. If there is one spark of hope, I will hold on to it and I hope all my fellow seniors can do the same. As we are all still trying to figure out how we’re going to get help with our college application or how we’re going to sign up for required tests such as the SATs and the ACTs, we must remember that we aren’t alone in this. 

We may not be getting recognition for our struggles but it’s important to remember that the other seniors on the other side of our computer screens are feeling the same way. We are all confused and are trying to figure a way to get through this year. Though we have lost so much, I know that the class of 2021 can push through this and find the motivations to continue on. We, the class of 2021, are resilient and if we are able to tackle the effects of COVID-19 on our lives, then we will be able to handle anything head-on!