How Huskies are celebrating Halloween


Artwork by Samantha Esparza

Since Halloween this year will certainly look very different from what it usually is, it will be one to remember. Even though no one can celebrate Halloween like they usually do, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get into the spirit and find other ways to enjoy the holiday. Here are some Huskies who are finding new ways to celebrate at home:

“I’m going to dress up and decorate my room for Halloween. This year my brother and I might invite a couple of friends over, get dressed up and then we’d go in the backyard and watch some movies. I normally just watch thrillers and cartoon Halloween movies. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ ‘Frankenweenie’, and ‘The Corpse Bride’ I watch every year. The thrillers we watch are normally not that great though, ” said freshman Jenna Garrett. 

“It’s [usually] really cool to see everyone’s costumes and see all the events that happen during Halloween. On Halloween…I’ll probably go mountain biking and watch some movies. Since the pandemic is going on, I have to find activities that I’ll be doing alone or with my family,” said sophomore Alberto Sanchez. 

“For Halloween I’m just going to a friend’s house and we’re going to watch a scary movie together… maybe make some fun snacks. Our options are pretty limited because of the pandemic but we’re making the most of it. Maybe we could turn it into a game night, but I’m just excited to have a break and some fun,” said junior Samira Ahmed. 

“This year I plan on decorating my home with some spooky things, and although it is not safe to go out, I will be having a lot of candy in case kids plan on going to my house or the other houses all dressed up and asking for candy. This is my favorite part about Halloween, and I’m still trying to play it out as I would usually,” said senior Paul Torres.