How has COVID-19 affected student athletes?

As a result of the current pandemic, many athletes have seen a massive impact to their athletic careers, from not having practice to not even having a season. This unexpected change has impacted a multitude of student athletes, and here are some Husky responses for how they’ve coped.

“COVID affected my athletic performance by not letting me be able to go and work with the football team and continue practicing and getting in shape. But after a month I started to try and workout from home so that I can stay busy and stay in shape.” – Senior Andrew Carmell

“My athletic performance was affected by COVID-19 because I’m not allowed to go support anyone at games and I’m also not allowed to go to any [cheer] practices to improve as a team.” – Junior Elizabeth Morris-Pineda

“Well for me, COVID impacted me a lot because I was so used to coming home at 7 from practice and games and never worrying about what I have to eat because I would burn it off during a [soccer] game or practice. Also, I feel like I have a lot of time and I have been less fit than I was. Now I’m trying to get back into shape and exercising. Usually sports would take away the stress and anxiety that I had in school because my focus would be on practicing. But now, my lifestyle has changed and I feel overwhelmed because I can’t take my mind off of online homework.” – Sophomore Leilany Lepe

“COVID-19 opened my eyes to the fact that my time playing the sport could be taken away instantly. It made me realize that from this point on I have to appreciate every second I am on the field. Also, I was expecting to join the girls’ soccer team and have a really good season. Now I’m just stuck at home practicing and hoping a season even happens.” – Freshman Vanessa Alcala