5 ways to stay motivated during quarantine

September 21, 2020

As time goes by quarantine becomes more and more dull. Students may find themselves feeling unmotivated in not only school but also in their day to day lives. Here are a few tips on how to regain that motivation and see quarantine in a new light!

Create a routine: During quarantine, you may have spent hours on your cell phone or binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. This may become unmotivating after a while and now that school has started, it is important to create a daily and consistent routine. When you wake up, try getting straight into the shower and making some breakfast. If you have extra time, go for an early morning jog or take your pets for a daily walk. Whatever you decide to choose, try to balance it out, keep yourself busy and stay as productive as you can.
Make a vision board: A vision board can be filled up with all of your dearest dreams and wishes. Making one can also help remind you of the goals you’re working so hard to reach. Whether you’re yearning for a car or even raising money for college, a vision board goes a long way. You could also wake up every day and say out loud or to yourself that you’re going to buy that dream car or you’re going to go to that dream college; it will motivate you to work harder to achieve those goals. It is your vision! The more and more you visualize and speak out about your dreams, the more likely you are to reach them.
Get More Organized: When you’re around clutter, you might end up finding yourself feeling overwhelmed. Tidying up around your room, your workspace and even your closet can help you gain a clear mind. Organization does not always have to be cleaning up your space either. It can simply be writing things down on a piece of paper, making schedules or creating deadlines for yourself. There are hundreds of ways to keep yourself organized and if you’re not big on organizing huge spaces at one time, start small and work your way up. A small start is always better than no start at all.
Start a diary/journal:
A journal is a great way to get motivated. You can reflect on your day, your greatest and worst moments, your accomplishments and your failures. You are always growing and accomplishing things as time goes on so you can always look back at your journal and laugh at something you said or read your past accomplishments to further motivate you to achieve your current goals. Writing in a journal can help release your innermost thoughts. It can be relaxing and something to look forward to at the end of each day.
Exercising might feel dreadful now that you are in quarantine. You might want to lounge around all day instead. It’s important to remember that too much of that can become unhealthy. Try to make a habit out of exercising and eventually you will start to get used to the feeling of working out and you will feel proud of yourself because of it. You can always ask a few friends and family members to work out with you too! Working out with someone can help give you a boost of motivation to keep going. Remember that the physical and mental results of exercising are always worth it in the long run. Nothing is better for stress than exercise.

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