North Star Senior: October Graham Class of 2020

Toby, as we have become accustomed to calling him, has been a part of the North Star for two years, moving from a cartoonist to the Executive of Design. His role allowed the paper to come together with artwork that helped articles and content come to life. Toby’s artwork is in a class of its own and we will miss it but we will miss him and his constant positivity even more.

NS: What path do you plan on taking after graduating?
October Graham: I’m attending the University of Oregon.
NS: Why did you choose this route?
OG: [I’m attending this university] because I love the area. They have a lot of good academic programs in areas I find interesting and they have a good honors college.
NS: What are you majoring in?
OG: I’m majoring in Psychology.
NS: Who is your favorite teacher(s) at North?
OG: My favorite teachers at North are Mrs. Golds, Mr. Armijo and Ms. Lopez.
NS: What things were you involved in at North?
OG: During high school, I was involved with the North Star Newspaper.