Amari Jenkins Class of 2020

North Star: What path do you plan on taking after graduating?
Amari Jenkins: [I plan on attending] University of California San Diego.
NS: Why did you choose this route?
AJ: I want to be involved in the medical field so I chose this school since they have an amazing medical program. 
NS: What are you majoring in?
AJ: I am majoring in Biological Sciences.
NS: Who is your favorite teacher(s) at North?
AJ: My favorite teachers are Ms. Dumancic and Ms. Gilman. During my junior year I struggled tremendously with AP Calculus. It was the hardest class in my life for me to  understand. I was frustrated with my performance but Ms. Dumancic was always there to encourage me and support me. With her tutoring and encouragement I did not give up and passed the class. Ms. Gilman is a great teacher who gives the best of herself to her students. She has always been there to help me outside and inside the classroom. She truly cares about her students. I am grateful that she was my teacher this year.
NS: What things were you involved in at North? 
AJ: I was involved in FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes), Heritage, National Honor Society, track and field, sports medicine club and program and class office.