Photo Poll: How have your career goals changed?

We asked four Huskies how their career goals have changed over the course of high school. Here are their responses.

Senior Jose Lemus:  

“As a kid I wanted to be a firefighter but my dream changed freshman year. I was mainly confused about what I wanted to do but over time I tried out different things like going to clubs, mainly Harlequins, to give me an idea of what I wanted to do. By joining Harlequins my interest in being in the entertainment industry increased and is what I am heading for now.” 


Junior Nicole Neilson: 

“As a freshman I wanted to be an aerospace engineer but now that I have been taking classes like calculus and physics, I am coming to the realization that it may just not be the right path for me. Now I find myself being more interested in pursuing a job in life science and seismology.” 


Sophomore Emelee de Leon:  

“As a kid I always wanted to be an astronaut but ever since I started watching Apollo or Martian movies I became really scared. I then thought acting was pretty interesting. I really wanted to become an actress but I saw that life as a celebrity was really daunting. However, now I have my mind set on becoming a neurologist.”


Freshmen Andrea Jaquelin Salsedo:  

“My career choice changed a lot. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a teacher but as I grew up I lost interest in that. Then I was interested in being a lawyer but then I changed it again to becoming a nurse since my mom, for a while, went to medical school and she talked about it. I know that in the long run I want a job that I will enjoy doing every day.”