May 21, 2020

Aries: During these recent times you will be unusually calm even if you’re under a lot of pressure. Your head will be clear and you will be more satisfied with yourself and will stay in a healthy mindset. 


Taurus: You may be feeling lonely during this time away from your friends. Pick up some new hobbies and set weekly goals to occupy yourself while you are stuck at home. You may come to the realization that time alone is what you needed.


Gemini: You will be more open with your current emotions which will make your relationships run more smoothly than usual. Learn to share your feelings and don’t forget to communicate when something is bothering you.


Cancer: Don’t overdo yourself with extra things that you don’t need to deal with. Don’t sidetrack or get caught up in problems that don’t concern you. Instead just focus on yourself, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed. 


Leo: Take in everything and everyone around you and don’t take anything for granted. Doing so will allow you to achieve a lot this month with doing little to no work and you will see great results. 


Virgo: You always find ways to persuade people close to you to listen and take your advice. Because of this you may find yourself being a mediator when your family members are in an argument.


Libra: Your friends and family look up to you and you will experience very little resistance to your ideas. If you approach people with some helpful advice, they will listen to you because they easily trust you.


Scorpio: You understand others and it is very rewarding for you in the long run. Use your ability wisely to talk with more people and help them feel comfort and feel better about what they might be dealing with. 


Sagittarius: Recently you may be feeling unmotivated and stressed out from being stuck at home. Remember to not avoid any challenges and just take them head on because you will be surprised by the outcome. 


Capricorn: During these times at home you will find yourself growing closer and having a positive attitude towards your family members. You will be learning new things about one another so enjoy this time together and accept everyone as they are.


Aquarius: You  have been working hard lately and feel the need to do the most you can during this time. You might feel overwhelmed so it is important for you to take the time to take care of yourself and wind down. 


Pisces: You’re currently on the right track with your productivity while at home but there will always be a minor block of decreased motivation that you will have to overcome. Sometimes you will need to reevaluate what’s going on in order to get back on track. 


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