New Teachers At North

Paul Torres, News Staffer

With the end of the 2018-19 school year many experienced teachers at John W. North retired which provided an opportunity for new teachers to take their place. Some of the new teachers are Andrea Preston, Ryan Hightower, and Alexander Armijo. 

Andrea Preston is an experienced teacher covering the subjects of British and American literature. Preston has been teaching for 11 years, six years at Victory Valley High School and five years at Chemawa Middle School. Preston graduated from California Baptist University. 

“All my students are my favorite and everybody is going to be different, so there is going to be something I love about each student because of their different characteristics,” said Preston.

Ryan Hightower, husband of theatre teacher Anna Hightower, is another among the new teachers. He teaches Intro to Literature, American Literature, and World History. Before becoming a teacher at North Hightower was a frequent substitute at North and he is also an alumnus of North 2002. Hightower did his student teaching at Martin Luther King High School.

“I love the culture. I love the way students interact with one another. I love the level of respect students have for one another and for teachers,” said Hightower.

Alexander Armijo is one of North’s newest teachers for US History, American Government and Economics. Armijo student taught one year at Moreno Valley High School before becoming a teacher at North.

“North was always a dream school for me. I always wanted to serve this student population so getting hired here was awesome,” said Armijo.

 These new teachers are all looking forward to their first year as North teachers and connecting with their students.