What’s up with UNICEF club?

Jordan Genovea

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At John W. North High School there are several new clubs that have been created, one being the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF). UNICEF was started by senior Sophia Esparza and it is an organization that reaches out to help children in need of funds for education, health and environmental safety. Ever since the founding of the organization at large, it has expanded its priorities and is permanently linked with the United Nations. Today the organization is active in 190 countries and territories.

The UNICEF club at North mostly consists of charity and community service for the international organization. The club holds multiple fundraisers that the UNICEF organization sponsors and the donations are sent straight to the organization. The members of the club spread word about donations and fundraisers around the school and to businesses. They also come up with their own fundraiser ideas to raise extra money.

The goal of the club for this year is to continue having monthly fundraisers to benefit the international organization to help children all over the world. The club is still in its infancy at North so it mainly has monthly goals instead of yearly goals. Their last fundraiser was the global Trick or Treat fundraiser and its purpose was to raise money for places in poverty.

Donations to UNICEF can help families in poverty around the world. This organization not only helps with donations but also with hands on training. Students who are in the club help by voicing what the club is and its purpose. Understanding that all children are interconnected is one step to becoming involved with UNICEF’s cause.

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