Aren’t you a little young to be drinking coffee?

Jia sergent

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Students always strive for ways to improve their academic performance and survive their rigorous schedules.  This has led to students greatly depending on coffee. Coffee is known to cause people to be more alert, making it a  great tool for a typical high school student. According to California College of San Diego, coffee is not only healthy for you but can also improve your ability to remember information for the following 24 hours after consumption. This means that it is extremely useful when studying for a test or finishing an assignment late at night, which is a situation that most high school students often find themselves in.

Coffee is mainly used as a way to keep people awake so that they can be more productive. However it can lead to poor sleep conditions or the inability to fall asleep. Even though drinking coffee late at night may seem beneficial, it is probably not the best choice to make. Instead, getting your daily coffee intake in the morning will wake you up and make you much less drowsy and tired. Students with coffee, although more jittery and talkative, will  pay more attention in class and remember things better than if they didn’t have any coffee.

“Coffee? Yes a lot of students do need coffee. Especially my first few periods, I think they should definitely drink coffee. My first few periods tend to be very tired and unenergetic, and coffee would help them concentrate and be more alive,” said literature teacher Anna Ruiz.

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