Financial aid night fun

Quinten Ridley

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Financial Aid Night was hosted by John W. North on Oct. 2nd in the theater to help students and families apply for financial aid. Several school counselors helped explain the application process and what requirements needed to be met by the applicants in order for them to qualify. They also went over the California Dream Act and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and showed families which one they should complete depending on their citizenship status.

The California Dream Act is a California state law that allows undocumented immigrant students with certain credentials to receive private scholarships from public universities. Students who meet AB 540 criteria more commonly receive scholarships. The act was signed on October 8, 2011 by Governor Jerry Brown.

In order to qualify for the California Dream Act the applicant should not be able to obtain a FAFSA. They must meet the qualifications of having at least three full years in a California public or private high school.  They also must graduate from a California high school.

“Financial Aid Night benefited me because it showed me the processes of how to apply. They showed me the steps to apply and the useful websites and what I need in order to apply. I would recommend everyone to go because it was actually really helpful,” said senior Brizeyda Cardenas.

FAFSA is used by many colleges across the states to determine whether or not a student can receive financial aid. Unlike the California Dream Act the FAFSA application requires a social security number and requires the applicant to be a citizen or on Immigration Services.

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