What’s up with tree club?

Kayley Chun

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There are a lot of clubs that don’t gain much recognition here at North High School and one of them is Tree club. Standing for “Teens Restoring Earth Environment,” the Tree Club is teaching students all around campus about today’s environmental problems. They participate in many of the school’s environmental activities along with exploring ways to solve environmental issues that happen all around the world.

Tree Club’s main focus is improving the school’s ecological program. They have meetings to discuss ways to improve our school. Other than working at school, the Tree Club travels around to different academic competitions. The first competition they do is the Forestry Competition. For this competition they measure trees, and examine soils. The students are then judged on how well they can  present a solution to solve an environmental problem. The Forestry Competition helps students gain a better understanding of the forests around or far away from us.

A second competition is called the Envirothon, which focuses more on wildlife and aquatic ecology. The Envirothon tests high school students on soil and land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife and environmental problems. Different high schools get to compete for recognition, prizes and scholarships.

Focusing on our environment is important and the students who are in this club take this seriously enough to study in order to compete well. The time they spend studying is evidence of the dedication they have to making our world a better place.

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