The serious social media situation

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Social media platforms play a pivotal role in the lives of teenagers. Being able to project their life online can be beneficial but it’s important for anyone with a social media platform to be aware of what the repercussions may be for their future.

Individuals’ actions regarding social media activity are often the first impression received by colleges or hiring managers as they are making their final decisions.  With 72 percent of internet users owning social media accounts, it’s important for everyone to refrain from posting material that could potentially harm their chances of achieving their college or career goals. Posting discriminatory comments, nude photos and promoting the usage of drugs or alcohol are prime examples of what should not be shared on any social media account.  Hiring managers and colleges must also take into consideration the fact that most people have had multiple social media accounts from different platforms for years. Although what may have been said years ago does not represent who an individual is today, colleges and hiring managers will still look back years to ensure that their expectations of an individual are met.

“I think it’s important to emphasize your responsibility and maturity through social media. Making the wrong choices through social media shows your true colors as a human being and any college or job has every right to refuse to hire or accept you if you fail to meet their expectations,” said freshman Jordan Alexander Winn.

Though there are negative aspects on how social media can affect an individual’s life, there are still benefits that come along with it.  Social media can be used to show accomplishments and other positive experiences that could increase the chances of being hired or accepted into a college.  

According to a CareerBuilder survey, almost one third of employers hired someone due to the positive content found on their social media account. With this, it can be said that using a social media account in a positive way plays a factor on whether or not someone gets hired or accepted to a job or school.  

It’s not expected for everyone’s social media to be filled with nothing but immense accomplishments but having an account with no negative aspects can emphasize the possibility of being regarded as well-rounded, which is generally enough to intrigue the employer or college administrator into accepting someone.

“Depending on the career you wish to pursue or the college you are interested in attending, the usage of social media can be beneficial because it gives people the ability to promote positive messages. With colleges looking at many eligible students social media accounts, it can be said that having a lot of academically intriguing posts, or positive posts in general, could boost a student’s chances of being accepted and the same idea goes to those who apply for work positions,” said sophomore Aidan Koehler.  

In today’s society, social media is a powerful tool that can be used to change the course of anyone’s future. Everyone should be judicious before posting material online to ensure that nothing posted will be used against them. Social media should be used in such a way that will positively benefit individuals and their future.

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