Perseverance Protects Passion

John Naranjo, Online Columnist

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A lot of times throughout our lives the world throws some obstacles in our way and sometimes these obstacles come in the form of things that we absolutely hate to do. It’s very easy to dismiss these as minor annoyances that aren’t even worth our time or simply back out when the going gets tough. However the world also demonstrates the purpose of these obstacles and how we must overcome in order to achieve great things.

I am currently in the district honors musical, which this year is “A Chorus Line” and to be completely honest I have not been enjoying the experience all that much. Rehearsals are three hours a day, three days a week and somehow always manage to be inconvenient for me. The dances are hard and complex and I always find myself sweating and out of breath before we’ve even been rehearsing for an hour. For someone who loves theater you’d think I’d be having a lot more fun. However, every time I leave a rehearsal I’m reminded of why I do it, even though it feels like I’m suffering at times. The reason why I do it is simple. I love performing. I am absolutely enamored with the thrill of being up on stage in front of an audience. I would be willing to do anything for the chance to perform. It’s one of the few things in life I’m really passionate about. After realizing what I’d do for my love of the stage, I learned that no matter what life may put me through, I must never give up on doing what I love.

Another time I felt like I was stuck doing things I hated was when I worked at a summer camp this last summer. At camp I had to work in the kitchen every other week and I hated it. Preparing food, cleaning tables, mopping floors and washing dishes was incredibly exhausting and felt like the most menial work I had ever done. However, after thinking about why I was at camp, I remembered that I was there to serve the kids that were there. Many of the kids who attend this camp come from broken homes or are struggling with serious issues like depression and suicidal thoughts. Camp is the one week when they get to escape all of that and just be a kid and whether I like it or not, camp can’t run without a kitchen. I had to humble myself to do these things I hated in order to fulfill my purpose for working there because I absolutely love working with young people- whether it’s kids or people my age. I would do just about anything to help them in the hopes that, even in some small way, I could make a positive impact on them.

These two experiences have really helped me grow and realize that passions are scarce in life. Many people hardly find multiple passions in life and unfortunately some people never find their passion at all. This is why it is so important to never give up on that passion, no matter how difficult or ridiculous it may seem. An abandoned dream is one of the most detrimental things to a person’s happiness. It’s better to live life with no regrets and trust me when I say that you will never regret trying to do what you are passionate about. Passion is what feeds the soul. The satisfaction and accomplishment of doing what you love is the true goal of life. Life is tough, and it’ll throw things at you that you will have never wanted to deal with but keep pressing on. It’s the only way you’ll truly end content with what you do with the rest of your life.

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