What is the weirdest thing you barbecued over summer?

Evangelina Quiroz

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Summer break is the time for fun activities, meeting up with friends and of course, barbecues. A lot of people barbecue over the summer but no one ever hears about the things people barbecue. To share some insight on people’s summers here are some of the weirdest things people have barbecued this summer.

Loren Davis (Senior)

What is the weirdest thing you barbecued over the summer?

“The weirdest thing I barbecued was eggplant, it was terrible. It was very bitter and I feel like we should’ve cleaned the grill first. It was just gross. We did a bunch of vegetables but eggplant was the worst. The piece that I had was crispy and I know eggplant is not supposed to be that way. My family doesn’t know how to barbecue anything, but they wanted to be healthy so they tried grilling eggplant. I hope we never barbecue it again,” said senior Loren Davis.

Cristal Ibarra (Junior)

“A weird food I grilled over the summer was squid. It was my first time trying it and it was very chewy like steak. It had a but of a salty flavor but it was an interesting mix to it. Squid isn’t actually a typical meal and has a very different texture than any other food so that’s why I consider it a bit out of the regular. I’d definitely would try it again because it was a fun experience and I recommend it to anyone who’s open for new things,” said junior Cristal Ibarra.


Michael Delarosa (Sophomore)

What is the weirdest thing you barbecued over the summer?

“The weirdest thing I barbecued over the summer was crab. My dad found a really big crab at a store. Since it tasted too much like seafood I layered it with some barbecue sauce. It smelled really good, and I was surprised because I never cooked crab on the grill before. My family really liked it and the sides that I put with it. We had two barbecues over the summer and cooked the rest of the crab with it and made shish kabobs,” said sophomore Michael Delarosa.

Daniela Ordaz (Freshman)

What is the weirdest thing you barbecued over the summer?

“I barbequed hot cheetos over the summer on the grill. I really didn’t have anything else in my refrigerator so I just ended up cooking hot cheetos. I realized that I almost burnt them when

the hot cheetos were turning greenish blue. After I took them off the grill they turned green and I was confused because they were hot cheetos. I gave some to my friend and she savored them in the beginning then asked why they were green. I told her it was because I burned them a little bit but she ate them anyways. She was upset because a couples days later she felt really sick from the chips,” said freshman Daniela Ordaz.

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