Social norms or social curbs?

Daniela Ibarra

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Social norms emphasize the importance of how specific groups of people, such as the people of a particular gender or race, in society are expected to act. Although as individuals make their transition into young adults, there is no need to feel pressured into fitting society’s expectations.

To a great part of society boys and girls are constantly expected to do and act certain ways. For instance, boys can’t act feminine and girls are expected to act ladylike. If these standards are not met a large majority of society will give these individuals negative backlash. People shouldn’t be afraid to express themselves or to break these boundaries that society creates for them.

Breaking social norms should be considered a positive thing for society because not only does it create diversity but it also creates a sense of relief for the individuals who are breaking these norms. They can finally feel accepted and they will no longer be afraid to express themselves.

“To me, breaking social norms not only represents a way for an individual to express themselves but it also shows how much the people in our society are starting to find themselves through breaking these norms. Our society just really needs to realize and accept the fact that people are different. Times are changing and people are beginning to change as well. Things can’t stay the way they are for so long without someone saying something about it. The progress we’ve currently made as a society is both amazing and disappointing because it seems as if everyone is split between the ones who support others breaking these social norms and the ones that bash them. I have faith that as time goes on the breaking of social norms will not even be a problem,” said junior Kaila Banico.

Breaking social norms should not be considered “weird.” If society lacks acceptance the younger generation will grow to be ashamed and afraid to express themselves and they will feel obligated to follow the social norms created by society.  

The way things are normally done will not always stay the same. This generation is beginning to rapidly break social norms, and people are beginning to happily express themselves with no shame. Unfortunately, there are still people who do not accept the breaking of these social norms but as time goes on more and more acceptance will hopefully be seen within our society.

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