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5 Things You’ve Never Noticed About the World

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Most of us like to rush through the world so much that we don’t notice the details about things that we see everyday. Here are five things you may have never thought about or noticed.

1. Volcano Acne: Everyone knows about volcanoes. They’re extremely interesting and easy to sketch, especially when they’re erupting. Now think about this: volcanoes are Earth’s pimples, scattered around its face. Our planet must be enduring the same awkward phase we all are right now. So the next time you want to curse your acne remember that it’s one of the many things that link you directly to the planet you’re living on.

2. The Crayola Smile: At one point or another everyone has used a box of Crayola crayons or colored pencils. Have you ever noticed that the box is smiling? The cutout in the box that shows the crayons is in the shape of a smiling mouth, even featuring lines as dimples. It kind of makes it look like the box really needs a trip to the dentist. This makes the boxes that much more festive and happy, now that you’ll notice their smile.

3. Something Fishy: The map of the United States is something we’ve all seen before, but have you ever noticed its shape? It resembles a fish, with Texas being a fin, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan being another fin and the east coast being the tail.

4. Lucky Goldstar (LG) Pac-Man: LG makes phones and plenty of other electronic devices so it might not be a surprise that their logo looks like a broken version of Pac-Man, our favorite pellet-eating, ghost-avoiding icon that almost anyone can recognize instantly if they know what a video game is.

5. The Theft Is Right: The very popular Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise uses a font called “Pricedown” in its title screens and on its box art. It’s very easy to recognize the font if you know about the video games but did you know that “The Price Is Right,” a classic TV game show first aired in 1972, uses the exact same font? Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe the creators of GTA were fans.

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5 Things You’ve Never Noticed About the World