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Social media’s effect on the news

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Different perspectives always create different stories. The way the media presents news always manages to get people to think a certain way whether they realize it or not. Presentation always affects perspective which results in two or more sides to a story. The media often twists the news to only show what they want you to see.

Whether it merely be a “little lie” or even a big one, the news is always presented in different ways depending on who is telling the story. There will always be differences of opinion. The more witnesses and lenses an event is viewed through, the more versions of the stories will actually be told.

“The social media does twist the news because different people have various opinions about a topic. Social media gives people a chance to speak out about a topic or change the story, and others will see it. Sometimes they will believe it, and sometimes they won’t. That’s how rumours and various stories get spread,” said sophomore Selah Okonkwo.

With students constantly having access to their phone in the modern era, social media ends up being where they get most of their news. With such a wide platform of not only common people but celebrities, there will constantly be a news source always having different views and opinions.

“I find the news mostly on social media. I follow news accounts such as NowThisNews or ABCNews. It’s where I usually find new information. I believe that social media does produce false information. It’s all how whoever writes the article interprets what is happening, which could cause them to stray away into their own ideas. It’s these biases that can make so many of us vulnerable to misinformation,” said freshman Jeremy Sandoval.

A large source of bias news is Twitter. This is a huge platform where so many people are able to influence other people’s thought processes, opinions and decisions.

“There’s always going to be news accounts on Twitter that display biased articles. That’s why if you were to look at two articles that talk about the same topic from two different news groups, they could be drastically different. It’s about how we interpret the news and others as well. No celebrity has influenced how I interpret the news but that doesn’t mean this doesn’t happen. It’s common to see people agree with their favorite celebrity because they admire them,” said Sandoval.

When someone sees a celebrity they admire tweet about their views on a certain situation, it completely affects the person reading that tweet and changes the way they view that information, which allows them to influence others and pass those opinions on. The more a topic is discussed with varying insights, the more diverse it becomes.

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Social media’s effect on the news