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New Tardy Policy

here are the thoughts of some Huskies about the new tardy policy...

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“Creating this new tardy policy that may be deemed “too strict” isn’t set to harm the students but rather to help them. This new policy will encourage people to change their daily habits, which in the long run only helps the students. In the future most students will have jobs and attend college, where showing up on time is crucial. If someone is late it only hurts how our bosses and professors view us so it’s best to work on creating good habits regarding this in high school. If students think the policy is ‘too much’ then I feel as if they need to reevaluate their perspective because they might be the main reason as to why this policy was made in the first place.”

-Senior Blanca Rosas-Avila


“Mr. Nakamura has nothing but good intentions when it comes to the students. By creating this new tardy policy he’s helping students create better habits that will help them in the future. The new tardy policy may leave students slightly enraged in the beginning but it’s helping them become more responsible and become better students in the process. I hear people saying its too strict but I don’t see anything wrong with it because either way you’re expected to be at school on time.”

-Sophomore Arzoan Esparza.


“I don’t agree with the new policy that has recently been made. I understand that the whole purpose of this policy is to make students more responsible but sometimes students are late to school because of reasons they can’t control; traffic and transportation being two of the main reasons. I feel as if getting an automatic lunch detention and further punishment if you’re late is a bit [unfair]. [Additionally] a lunch detention and a call home makes it so that students don’t even bother showing up to class.”

-Junior David Ruvalcaba.


“I personally like Mr. Nakamura’s new policy regarding tardiness. In my first period most students have the tendency to walk into class after the bell rings. This is distracting not only for my teacher but for the class as well. Although if students are given new rules to abide by that include punishments if not followed, then it’ll give students more motivation to show up on time. This new tardy policy will essentially create a better learning environment without any distractions.”

-Freshman Christina Miranda.

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New Tardy Policy