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Danger of looking up to celebrities

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Celebrities are seen to be the most influential people in the world, they are everywhere from the covers of magazines to being the stars of popular television shows and movies. They often have a positive impact in the world. Although many use their influence in good ways, like advertising for big social movements, some can be seen as promoting drugs and violence. The fact is that their voices have a huge influence and the decisions they make can backfire and cause havoc on the people who strongly support them. Some people take their support to an extreme and take their favorite celebrities’ actions personally. Some fans react harshly and feel disappointment in their favorite celebrity, as if they were family.

“I think it can be good to look up to celebrities because they set high goals like being rich, [but some] promote bad things … it’s sort of a two way street and can be good and bad. [People] set them on a high pedestal and treat them like gods and when they do bad things the people start doing it in the real world and it can be bad like doing drugs or using guns, ” said senior Leshawn Jackson.

Beyond what celebrities do in their personal lives, they can impact their fans simply through their work. They live in a world of photoshop and prewritten scripts, putting their best face forward in the media to make their lives seem perfect. This can make the people that look up to them more self-conscious and put them at a higher risk of depression due to the fact that their own lives seem so inadequate in comparison. These celebrities have photoshop and airbrush, which gives them the perfect skin and body, making viewers and fans admire something only achievable on the screen.

“ If someone’s favorite celebrity did something wrong, [that person] would probably defend them by saying they had a reason to do it even though they know what their celebrity did was wrong,” said sophomore Sody Castillo.

People who look up to celebrities will often try to imitate them, regardless of whether they make the best choices. Many of these celebrities take part in wrong or illegal actions and due to their money they don’t face the same consequences. While they do this, people idolize them and even take part in similar actions. Unfortunately they don’t have the ability to escape consequences in the same way that celebrities do. As a result, they can end up hurting themselves in an attempt to be like their favorite celebrities. Although this doesn’t apply to everyone, it applies to those with an extreme love for their idol. However, when people want to be like their favorite celebrities, it is not always a bad thing.

“If my favorite celebrity did something bad I would be disappointed. I look up to them and want to be like them. My favorite celebrity gives me a goal I want to reach in the future and if they did something bad I wouldn’t know what I would do, I would rethink a lot of decisions I made because of them, though looking up to a celebrity can be good and you’re still your own person at the end of the day. Just don’t take that to an extreme.” said sophomore Izick Leyva.

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Danger of looking up to celebrities