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Debates over VAPA

VAPA: To be or not to be?

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Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) courses have always been the subject of debate. Some believe they should have a place as a requirement for graduation while others think they should be considered only as extracurricular activities. We asked four Huskies whether VAPA should be a requirement to graduate or not. Here’s what they had to say:

“VAPA should be a requirement because there are many people that love the performing arts or who use paintings and drawings to express themselves. This program is helpful in giving students the proper skills they need in order to succeed in that profession in the future. By performing in front of large crowds and creating a piece of art that resembles you or the world around you, you’re expanding your knowledge on certain careers that you would have never considered if you would have never taken the class.”

Freshman Breshay Smith

“The requirement would benefit [students] because it gives them an opportunity to explore [their] choices for a career to study. It benefits the school because the more programs and opportunities they have for students the better the chance to help more students.”

Sophomore Jessica Alejandres

“VAPA shouldn’t be a requirement for students because it’s stressful for kids that are antisocial. VAPA should be optional and available for the kids that want to genuinely take it. In school we take classes that are required for life skills and I personally don’t think VAPA fits that category.” 

Junior Markel Francisco

“[VAPA shouldn’t be required] in my personal opinion. I don’t think so because I feel that it’s one of those courses that is geared [more] towards people who really want to connect with the arts. It [can] create more of a workload for students who already have a lot to do and may cause more stress for students.”

Senior Alexander Cobian

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Debates over VAPA