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Fall Assembly

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The United Student League held the annual fall assembly on Oct. 20 with a theme of  “Scooby-Doo”. The assembly was hosted to introduce North’s fall varsity sports and to recognize individual athletes for their accomplishments.

The assembly began with a performance by the Blue Star Regiment [BSR] and Pep Squad. Then there was a performance to the the theme song of “Scooby-Doo” by students who dressed up as members of the Mystery Gang.

“[USL] represented [the theme] Scooby-Doo very well which was a throwback [to so many] good memories for me. The music they played from the old cartoons personally gave me a nostalgic feel which led me to realize how fast time really passes.” said senior Cristina Blanco.

The first sports teams recognized were the girls tennis and boys water polo. Boys water polo was applauded for their wins against several other schools in their league. They were then followed by girls volleyball.  

The girls golf team was also recognized. A special recognition was given to Gabrielle Genovea and Nichole Zhang who made it to league finals. Boys and girls cross country was also introduced and freshman Makayla Browne was recognized for being ranked as the number one freshman in the nation.

“The assembly was very [amusing and I had a fun time]. It really showed how hard our sports teams work and how their successes [well represent] North. Our marching band did fantastic as well as the Pep Squad and from that we can notice the effort they put in to create an incredible performance. Looking around the crowd, I saw so many smiles of students enjoying the assembly,” said BSR member freshman Nancy Amador.

Students then participated in a class competition called “Capture the Monster”. Students from each class lined up by grade level and passed a bucket in an alternating pattern until it returned to the first person. That first student then ran to the back of the line and placed the bucket on the head of the teacher whom they had chosen to be their monster.

Next the cast of the fall play “Almost Maine” was recognized and promoted their play which premiered that same week. They were followed by a performance by the Pep Squad.  

The last sports team recognized was the varsity football team. Renaissance then informed students of the upcoming Red Ribbon Spirit Week and showed them examples of appropriate attire for each day.

The assembly was concluded with a classic class competition during which each class was instructed to shout its graduating year. For both assemblies the seniors came in first place and the freshman came in fourth place. However, the juniors came in second place for the first assembly and in third place for the second assembly while the sophomores came in third place for the first assembly and second place for the second assembly.

“The assembly [made me realize] that if you work hard and have deliberate practice, you will succeed. I got to know the students that believed in themselves and did not give up which was shown in their success. It is all about working hard and practicing to achieve,” said freshman Amador.

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Fall Assembly