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Shattered Screens and Broken Dreams

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Phones are such an important part of our day-to-day lives and we carry them around constantly in our pockets. Strangely, seeing as these little devices are so dear to us, they break easily. Something like a little slip of your hand or a hard fall could leave your costly phone’s screen shattered. Here are four Huskies and their stories on how they broke their phone.

“An interesting one is– I think it was the year 2010, it was my first phone, and I was on the way out of the store, which was like this mall, and I was messing around with it a little too much, and getting a little too, as you would say ‘cocky,’ just flipping it in the air, and this was the day I bought it, so, when I flipped it up, it hit the side of my hand, and it fell over the railing, it hit someone on the head and it fell on its side. So when I got down on the escalade, I looked at it, the whole screen was all messed up, the camera wouldn’t even work, and every time I tried to charge it, it would flash white. I think it was just me and my uncle. [He used] very foul language, since he was the one that bought it for my birthday.”

-Bryan Alatorre, Sophomore

“It was a Wednesday and I was at a dance and I wanted to walk across the street to Stater Bros. with my friend so we could get food. I had just put a brand-new glass screen protector on my phone the night before. Well my friend and I were in the parking lot of Stater Bros. and she was playing a song for me [and] her and I thought it would be fun to dance around to it. Well when I was dancing around, I accidently [threw] my phone and ended up cracked the entire glass screen protector. I was so afraid that I might’ve cracked my screen under and was so upset. When I got home later that night, I realized that I didn’t crack the screen under, but I just shattered the screen protector.”

-Kayla Gildore, Junior

“So I was playing basketball, but then it fell out of my pocket and it cracked. After that on the Fourth of July, I was setting off a firework, and then when it went up my phone fell out of my pocket and it got hit by the firework. It was done after that, just stopped turning on. No one saw it but me. It was just a bunch of black spots all over the screen. You know how on TV, like, on the news, but something bad happens, so it’s red, green, blue lines, and that was it.”   

– Sophomore Esra Ralph

“I was messing around with one of my friends in middle school and we were throwing my phone without a case back and forth and she was going to catch it and I threw it too high and she failed [to catch it] and the phone fell on concrete and it shattered. I started crying. She started laughing at me crying. It was an Android, [not] one of the eight hundred dollar iPhones, so it was all good.”

-Freshman Mariza Sauceda-Izarraras


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Shattered Screens and Broken Dreams