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Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

Get some insight about the overlooked program in RUSD.

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The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a federal program sponsored by the United States Armed Forces in high schools all across the United States. This program is enriched with many core values that are useful for teens to acquire in order to succeed in their future.

JROTC has already been incorporated into other schools in the Riverside Unified School District such as Arlington, Ramona and Poly but North happens to be the only high school in the district that does not offer the program. As with every high school there is always a population interested in going into the military and knowing this it would only be beneficial to offer this program at North, especially considering the fact that there is interest in the other high schools of the district.

Installing this program into the school would give a great amount of students the opportunity to build their character, learn essential military skills, and master the act of working well with other individuals.

“A benefit of having the JROTC program would be for students to learn discipline and to get the opportunity to get that push in life. This program could be there for students that aren’t doing so well in school and could give them the chance to [improve]. On the other hand, this program could also be there for other students that want to prepare for the military early on in life,” said junior Kyrstin Neal.


Even though this program is set in a constructive environment and requires commitment it’s completely worth it for students to see themselves joining the military in the future. Individuals would get the chance to figure out their personal strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus on what needs improving to become a better citizen to this country.

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