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Spring Musical: The Pajama Game

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North’s Harlequins adaptation of “The Pajama Game” proved to have several visually thrilling scenes which overshadowed the often confusing story line. The show was held on April 21 through April 28, featuring a fantastic cast whose energy spilled from the stage.

“We get to interact a bit with the audience and there are so many things going on. You can’t help from being happy or letting out a smile while watching because the energy is always high. There are so many emotions, one moment you’re mad, then you’re happy. It’s a roller coaster and at the end you’re out of breath and want to do it all over again,” said freshman cast member Ellianna Aguilera.

The cast was by far the most impressive aspect of the musical. The genuine excitement they held could have been evident from a mile away as they poured it into various musical numbers. All actors captivated the audience and made them feel the emotions being portrayed on the stage. A student who shined like no other was junior Shawn Schive who played Hines. Schive brought a certain intensity to the musical which was both comedic and intimidating.

Despite some impressive acting,  the messy story line remained disorienting and confusing. The workers fight to receive the seven and a half cents raise is shadowed by Sid and Babe’s love story. The two aspects of the story don’t necessarily coexist on stage, it’s almost as if the demand for the seven and a half  cents was an afterthought. This may have been successful if Sid and Babe had intensified the tension between them, making it appear as more of a forbidden love.

Their relationship was obviously cute and fluffy, but lacked much dimension and chemistry.  Before the blink of an eye, the two are saying “I love you” and not allowing for much character development. However, Sid played by junior Alexander Cobian and Babe played by senior Astrid Herrera physically complemented each other very well on stage.

Possibly the most impressive scene in “The Pajama Game” was the “Hernando’s Hideaway” sequence. The entire scene was orchestrated wonderfully as the dim lighting and hints of red played well against the powerful live music. The extensive practice of the ensemble was clearly evident as they impressively danced across the stage. At one point, the ensemble marched towards the audience, holding matches which cast shadows on their faces. The moment was almost haunting.

The ensemble brought much needed excitement and pure passion to “The Pajama Game.” “Once A Year Day” perfectly captured this enthusiasm. Every person on stage brought a new element to the musical number, creating wonderful chaos. Throughout the entire show, the actors succeeded in taking on and becoming their characters to bring the musical to life.

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Spring Musical: The Pajama Game