Plane crashes into Riverside home

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Around 4:40 pm on Monday Feb. 27, a two-engine Cessna 310 crashed into a Riverside neighborhood a mile from the Riverside Municipal Airport, where it took off, leaving three people dead and two injured. The crash created an explosion that destroyed two houses and a fire which burned for a considerable amount of time after the impact.  

There were a total of five passengers on the plane: a wife, husband, and three children whose names and residencies are not yet released. All injuries and deaths were of those who were on the plane. The people who resided in the destroyed houses and rest of the neighborhood were unharmed. The survivors of the crash were both women, one was ejected from the plane and the other was the pilot who was pulled out of the plane after it made impact. The plane left from Riverside Municipal Airport and was headed towards San Jose after the family attended the USA Junior Nationals, a cheerleading competition one of their relatives competed in at Disneyland on the previous Saturday and Sunday.

Neighbor Brian Marsh stated that he saw the plane crash as he was driving.

“I thought it was turning to go back to Riverside [Municipal] Airport. It made a turn and the wings were almost perpendicular to the ground. It looked like a stunt plane. [Then] it turned and went into a nosedive. All of a sudden it turned into a freefall,” said Marsh.

The co-owner of  D&D Airport Café, Delmy Pennington said that they were unable to start the plane’s engine twice before they were able to take off, but it is still undetermined why the plane crashed.

After impact, the neighborhood came to help the passengers. neighbors Marvinus Johnson and Breonna Johnson came to help seeing a man already trying to pull out the pilot who was trying to crawl out of the plane.

“We were holding her and all she kept saying was, ‘my daughter, my daughter,’” said Marvinus, according to the Press Enterprise.

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Plane crashes into Riverside home