Winter Assembly

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On Dec. 9 during second period, students were pulled out of class to attend the Winter Assembly hosted by United Student League in the gym.

Students were encouraged to wear different Christmas attire to get in the winter spirit. The assembly began with a class competition. This was followed by a performance by the Chamber Singers who performed a medley of different Holiday songs, such as Deck the Halls, Up on the Housetop and other classic Christmas songs.

The winter sports that were announced during the assembly were Water Polo, Soccer, Wrestling and Basketball. As well, the academic teams that were presented were Academic Decathlon, Math Team, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad and Speech and Debate.  

“I honestly think [the class competitions are] a great source to get the students [excited]. When I hear the word competition it encourages me to try my very best. I’m also pretty sure it makes other students feel that way too. Also that feeling of victory when your class wins is [satisfying] you just feel like your class won the lottery.” says freshman Cristal Ibarra.

During the assembly there were also some different class competitions, starting with Finish the Lyrics with holiday classics. In the first assembly teachers were encouraged to sing along with their class and in the second assembly only the students participated. The seniors won the competition with the sophomores following in second. Juniors won third place and freshmen were last.  The classes competed in their classic graduation year competition. The seniors took first place followed by the juniors then the sophomores and last were the freshman.

“I would like to see more activities where we could all participate and get prizes or something. I feel like that would ‘hype-up’ the crowd” said freshman Danna Ceja.

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Winter Assembly